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I haven't been around for a while--the link probably got lost in the switch from one computer to a newer one.

The new home page is very attractive. Kudos to the designer of the Frankencody sketch.

But a couple of corrections: "monthly" not "monthy."

And, people, "most well-known" in the blurb on Screenshot Captor? I won't quarrel with the opinion, but that's an all-too-common mistake these days. We native speakers say "best-known."


We native speakers say "best-known."
-Tiesenhausen (February 15, 2018, 01:37 PM)
--- End quote ---
hmm, my experience as a native speaker is different:
I mean, "best-known" may be the more correct choice (in this case, I don't actually know) -- but "most well-known" is very often used.

Could it depend on where you're from? There are a lot of varieties of English these days.

Interesting discussion about it here:

Thanks Tiesenhausen! And welcome back.
Fixed the "monthy" typo.  Awaiting debate on best known vs most well-known.. :)

Frankencody sketch is an old one by the great Nudone, creator of Cody our mascot.

I think both are correct, and one is just as grammatically correct as the other.  As far as native English speakers, I am one, and use most well-known.

You folks may be genius programmers, but apparently no sense of literary style. What would Shakespeare have said? "Best-known," you may be sure. Ask your local English teacher.


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