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Your Stuff Really Is Breaking Faster Than It Used To

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tomos, I think he just pasted in the contents of an email newsletter he received -- it's the newsletter email that has those links to help it track readers.

@tomos: I don't think there are any tracking links there. They are there for information and to give credit to Gary North. whose email I had copied.
One of them might take you to a logon page, or something, but that's not going to do anything if you don't already subscribe to Gary North's website.

Amazing: Eric Lundgren, ‘e-waste’ recycling innovator, faces prison for trying to extend life span of PCs
...“In essence, I got in the way of Microsoft’s profits, so they pushed this into federal court on false pretense,” Lundgren said. ...

--- End quote ---
Microsoft apparently feel they have good reason to really want to punish this guy, and maybe even Tesla could as well: INTERVIEW: Meet Eric Lundgren, who broke the world record for EV range with a car made from trash

In essence, the "hybrid recycler" Lundgren and his company ITAP would seem to threaten the very basis on which the waste-making American economy is founded (ref. Vance Packard).

So, yeah, for his "crimes" he needs to be pounded with punitive financial damages and put away in chokey for a l-o-n-g time, as a sobering lesson to those of us who might dare to even think of recycling perfectly viable and valuable waste electronic products.


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