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Terms of Service; Didn't Read” (short: ToS;DR)


Terms of Service - How good are they?
By "How good?", I of course intend to mean, "To what extent are they in the user's/consumer's favour?".

For the first time that I was aware of, someone has shone the hard light of scrutiny on the ToS of various well-known software and service providers.
I am referring to ToS;DR

Turns out that this has actually been going as a project since 2012 (first occurs on Wayback in 2013), but I don't recall having come across it before. I didn't recollect whether ToS;DR had been mentioned before on DC Forum, so I did a search, and came up with this from 2014: Nobody reads Software licenses...not even the people who made my router it seems
There, the link is given to the project website: Terms of Service; Didn't Read

Worth a look from a consumer information perspective, but worrying when you look at the Privacy/Control issues. The vendor basically seems to dictate the Terms.

Spot your "favourite" (or recommend it) there.
Their blog is also linked to, and is worth a read:

EDIT 2018-02-14: I improved the content of this post as it seemed a bit disjointed the way I had originally written it. (Apologies.)

I try to add every contract page of services I use to my Website-Watcher's bookmarks, so I can get notified promptly when they change and easily see what changed.

Hopefully someday an artificial intelligence script will be available to read them and output a simple overview of the main points.

Until then, that is a nice initiative.


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