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EAccessViolation error

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I use Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
When starting URLSnooper, then an error "EAccessViolation" shows up.
I have attached the error.
With Windows 8, this did not occur.

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And it happens every time you start it?
Are you running in portably or did you use setup installer?  Did you let it install the winpcap drivers?

It happens every time I start it.
I have run portable and used setup installer. I have tried to install/uninstall the winpcap drivers with the setup installer and independently.

Did you move over an old ini file from another computer or is it a new install?   If you moved over an old ini configuration file from another computer you might try deleting it and restarting to see if it's something in the old ini file.
If it's a new install, I will try to reproduce the issue here on a vmware.

As far as I know, I do not believe that I have any old .ini file available.
It is a new install. Perhaps a TeamViewer is a better solution?


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