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Post-capture "undo" ?


If I set a post-capture effect in Preferences such as "Add Drop Shadow to Image", how can I "undo" the shadow once the shot has been taken?

Toggling shadow just adds more shadow. Ctrl-Z doesn't work, so seems like its too late at that point.

If so, possible to make this post-capture option so it can be edited (eg, remove the shadow)?   Would be convenient if when taking shots, you want to undo w/o having to go back into Preferences and uncheck it.

You can do ctrl-Z to undo these post capture actions, just as you request.  As for why it might not be working for you, make sure you click in the image window before you do Ctrl+Z.
You should see the status bar showing you what it is doing.

Thank you.  It works.  Apparently I had not highlighted it.

Yeah it's a confusing issue that has come up before.  I think it is because the focus may be in the thumbnail panel.
I actually should look to see if I can't fix this by having it autofocus the main window whenever the main form is restored..


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