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Clip H&S's interaction with MSFT Word?

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I love this app...BUT, using MSFT clipboard, I can CTRL-C (copy) something, open Word and then CTRL-V (paste) the copied material immediately into the newly opened Word doc. But with Clip H&S, this no longer works. If I open the Word doc and then Ctrl-V, nothing happens.  I must go into Clip H&S's listing, click on my copied material, and then can CTRL V into the new Word doc. Somehow, the opening of Word defeats the operation of CTRL-V in Clip H&S but not MSFT Clipboard. Has anyone else noticed this? Can it be fixed? Appears on both Win 7 and Win 10.  Thanks.

Isn't that caused by the Office/Word clipboard thingy? You could try to disable that. It is known to interfere with other clipboard managers, afair

Interesting looking into this, I found this on the MSFT forums the below. SO, it sounds unlikely that I can disable MSFT Clipboard:

"Tim Liu MSFT replied on  September 9, 2016 Microsoft Hi Wes,  It's not feasible to disable Office clipboard completely. Thanks for your understanding."

Hmm.. I'd like to hear more about this.. I don't remember hearing it before..
CHS doesn't do anything when you hit Ctrl+V -- that is an operation that CHS stays completely out of.  So I'm not sure why anything should fail to work when you hit CTRL+V on your own..

May be MSFT is opened in Administrator mode. I use ArsClip which informs it can not paste if target window opened in Administrator mode. So may be CHS also can not paste.




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