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online bookmark service to import 100K Linkmans for search on road

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You may try to import your bookmarks into which allows exporting to html. Then upload the .html to any web server or (free service based on dropbox)

Steven Avery:
Thanks for the great suggestions.  It will likely be a few days before I try some implementations.

Here is a related idea. 

I use Linkman for keyword mass bookmarking, research, PIM, page-by-page book urls. The stuff above is to get easy access when on an iPad or on the road, without using remove access.

And Roomy Bookmarks on Firefox (non-Quantum) or Pale Moon for quick bookmark, quick action, hierarchical go-to bookmarking.  (I also have some uses for Xerpi, and others in this regard, but that is specialized and generally static, only changed modestly once it is set up. These can be good if I am setting up for a friend.)  Linoit is in the mix as a hybrid note-taking, navigator system, that uses markdown nicely for its hot bookmarks.

So I will want to export the (Roomy) Bookmarks Bar of Firefox to a my own (tabbed) web pages or, more simply to Raindrop or some other online bookmark manager.  Here we have only a few hundred.  That way, when I am using Chrome or Edge or another I have quick action available without going back to Firefox (Pale Moon seems to be a bit more stable than Firefox, but both have advantages. In the long run, Firefox security of the older vesions might be an issue.)

Then I would like, in the most elegant world, to be able to export-import in an automated way.  Will it work smoothly?  What should I use, or another?

Your thoughts welcome.


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