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I like using Screenshot Captor with Google Drive where all my screenshots are stored ready for use in Google Sites guides. But I'm having problems with Google Drive File Stream trying to save screenshots to a folder in the new virtual drive. Screenshot Captor keeps freezing. Does anyone experience this? Do you have a suggesting solution other than saving to a local drive and then syncing separately? Thanks, Stephen

Can you elaborate a little bit about when SC seems to freeze?
The one thing that SC does unusually is that it's thumbnail panel is treated like a file explorer so it monitors that directory and shows files in it.. So that could cause some slowdowns if the directory is network mapped.

You might try disabling the thumbnail panel to see if that makes a difference.

Good idea but how do I disable the Thumbnail panel? I can see how to change to List or Details but not remove altogether.

I have changed to simple list which seems to have improved a little.

As soon as I select G:\My Drive\Screenshots (where G is the letter assigned by Google for the File Stream virtual drive) then SC takes ages to populate the Thumbnail pane when set to simple list and just sits there with a spinning timer and the computer fan going crazy! If I change to Thumbnails then it all but kills my machine and I have to terminate from the Task Manager.

Changing back to the C:\ drive fixes everything.

I used to use the original Google Drive folder which synced to the cloud with no problem so I assume the 'virtualisation' of the process has affected something.

Regards, S

Top left corner of the viewer panel in SC, there's a little tickbox for closing the thumbnail panel. Can probably be closed via menu as well (but unsure there, currently on phone)

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