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Time lapse video (thread)

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Hmm... I remember learning about the various kinds of clouds in grade school. But I don't recall them mentioning mammatocumulus. Or maybe I was too young at the time to know about or make the connection to mammaries and my teacher neglected to point it out. I only remember a couple of the clouds we learned about, and I'm sure knowing one was named after "boobies" would have made it much more memorable to an immature ~8-10 year old's mind.
-Deozaan (June 27, 2017, 11:04 AM)
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they didn't want to risk giving ye this kind of information ;-)

OTOH, maybe it was just that they're not a common cloud formation

Seems like this answers the question as to why it wasn't taught as a type of cloud:

According to the WMO International Cloud Atlas, mamma is a cloud supplementary feature rather than a genus, species or variety of cloud.-
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Another dramatic weather one, from Mike Olbinski.
I love this one, everything just right...

music composed for the film by Peter Nanasi

via fstoppers
previous videos by Mike Olbinski posted in this thread here

Yet another wonderful and dramatic timelapse from Mike Olbinski (whose name I was spelling wrong the whole time :-[ )

and an impressive Grand Canyon one

both via Arizona Hot in the interesting thread

Not so much a video but a article I ran across while searching for Hyperlapse: Google Street View Hyperlapse

The article is from 2013, the original website (Teehan+Lax ceased business) no longer works but the source is hosted on GitHub. (ADDENDUM: Loaded the code into a VM web server and it worked.)

I was thinking of trying to get it to work for my drive around Ukraine last year since I GPS logged it, that would bring it back a lot better than static photos.

From the Internet Archive: Teehan+Lax Labs
Hyperlapse - Archive of the Hyperlapse creation page

There's a couple of other sites where you can do the same thing but using a GPX file:

GPX Hyperlapse - works but rather limited
Hyperlapse GPX - couldn't get it to work


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