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Upload an image to google photos



is there a way to send/upload an image from SC to a Google Photo account?

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The main trick to adding support for more online uploading options is that the thumbnail panel in SC is a windows system file explorer.  So if you find any tool that adds a "right-click" context menu extension to windows, you will be able to right-click on a thumbnail to trigger it.  We should create a list of such extensions somewhere for people.

I do not know a tool for that, would be interesting to see a list of these tools.

Couple of suggestions that might be of use:
1. Google Picasa (use the "Sunset" version) uploads/downloads to/from Google Photos.
2. If you have a Google Photos folder on your client PC, and that is synced with Google Photos, then dropping an image file into that folder should sync it with Google Photos.

There is a tool called Image Uploader.
You can add your Picasa account, and it will create a Drop Box album in your Google Photos account.
You can upload photos with right click, from windows explorer.
or github


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