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Keyboard nudge x 10 and pan last region

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Sure, as long as we can find an unused modifier for it.. perhaps ctrl+shift+arrows..

From what I can see, Shift+Arrow moves the whole rectangular selection, Alt+Arrow moves the top-left corner, and Arrow by itself moves the bottom-right corner. Ctrl+Arrow doesn't seem to do anything different than Arrow by itself. I'm guessing Ctrl+Arrow is for something I'm just not seeing, but if not, then Ctrl+Arrow would be a good choice for 10-pixel nudge. Otherwise, yes, Shift+Ctrl+Arrow would be sensible.

ETA: From the help, it sounds like Ctrl-Arrow is supposed to adjust the size of the selected area symmetrically, but this is not working for me.

You are right, ctrl+arrow doesnt seem to do anything different from regular arrow.  Shift+Arrow moves the whole box.
The other thing I may try to do is speed up the movement of cursor controls..

I'm not saying I won't implement the 10 pixel nudge function, but I have a question -- is the need for an exact accurate 10 pixel nudge ability, or is the problem simply that the current keyboard adjustment is too slow?

I have uploaded a beta with accelerated keyboard nudging speed in region select mode, so now holding down a cursor key to nudge is now be dramatically faster and smoother than it was before, and it works with all of the modifiers (shift, alt).

Give it a try and let me know what you think:


Speeding up is helpful, but not equivalent because 10-pixel nudge allow for "shrink-wrap selection" of irregular shapes. It's hard to explain without a video, but it basically allows you to find the extreme top edge, then move some multiple of 10 pixels away from that to find the extreme left edge (repeat with right and bottom edges). Without the 10 pixel nudge, this takes far too much counting.


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