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Keyboard nudge x 10 and pan last region

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I look forward to hearing more..

You've actually given me an idea as well.. I could add a hotkey feature that auto grows (or shrinks) the region border by detecting uniform background, much in the way a lasso function works..
You would select a region outside the image and it would contract the region walls as long as the background on each side continued to be uniform.  That would let you capture small objects very precisely with little effort.
If it started by EXPANDING the region if borders didn't start out uniform, it could be used both in cases where you initially select a region larger than the object, or in cases where you selected some interior region including the object of interest.

Okay last post before I have to go into airplane mode. Magic wand feature would be terrific.

Magic wand feature would be terrific.
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Yeah but one thing I am keen to avoid is I don't want to implement things twice.. SC already has a magic wand selector in the main image editing mode, and I don't want to implement a second one.. It's tricky because this issue has come up before when talking about region select mode -- I use to recommend everyone just always capture full screen and then select and crop from the editor.  But I have realized that region select mode is what people prefer, to select a small region from the start, rather than capture full screen and edit/crop/etc.

But I still need to avoid trying to make selection mode over feature filled to the point where it is competing with normal SC editing mode.  So I'm not sure a full magic wand is called for, but maybe something simple and quick..

I just tried out the magic wand in the editing mode, and it actually doesn't do what I want (at least not easily). I'm looking for a shrink-wrapped rectangular selection, not to select all pixels of a particular color. I can achieve the shrink-wrapped selection pretty well with the rectangular selection tool in the editing mode (thanks to being able to move the edges of the selection box after making an initial selection), but it would definitely be nice to have a one-click way to do this within the editing mode. Perhaps it could be called "shrink-wrap select".

As for the original request, the 10-pixels at a time would still be a nice convenience and help users who come from other tools that have the feature (like HyperSnap), but the editing mode somewhat compensates for not having it if people are willing to put in the effort to learn how to use it.

I'm looking for a shrink-wrapped rectangular selection.
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Please try the brand new "auto adjust region" option under the edit mode in the main sc editing window in the new beta and see how it works for you - it does what we are saying, shrink-wraps the current selection.

NOTE: this function is only implemented so far in the sc editor, NOT the region capture mode -- I understand you want it in the region capture mode.
So for you to use it you would just select a rough region when capturing, and then in the main editor do select-all then edit-> auto adjust.
But if it works well for you then I can maybe add it to the region capture mode itself.


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