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I know that's the reason that I haven't chimed in... I can't reliably commit to once a week.  I could commit to a guest spot or a backup spot, but not once a week.

Is there a difference between "entertainment" and "humor"?

I have my own blog where I irregularly write about Windows and BSD software (and Linux security problems because I find it funny to poke them). I agree with wraith808 though: I could not promise to find something interesting at least once a week. Monthly would be doable though.
(Then again, my sarcasm is not for everyone's taste.)

It might be an idea for as many of us as possible to write a "pool" of articles (that wouldn't really matter if they were released a few weeks later), submit them, and they would get posted in an order that makes sense - that way we might be able to have a backlog of maybe 2 weeks worth of articles/reviews and such so if somebody suddenly cannot commit, we have backups. 

I know I personally wouldn't be able to commit to a specific day (gotta love uni life eh) but I could likely dedicate the occasional random day to writing a couple up, and adding them to the pool.

I myself have least time to write anything meaningful other than coding for my clients. But as a "reader" I feel we can have once a month update for different topics, say on 5th of month we have humor (let us begin with some laugh), then on 15th or so we have "technical tips" and so on.

You see, I myself may not find enough time every week to go through each topics but can get time in a month.

So I feel we can have it spread over a month, if all agree.



In 2016 I set a goal for myself to post at least 1 blog entry on my site per month. And though I have more than 12 blog entries total for that year, I still accidentally missed a couple of months.

My point being that weekly is a huge commitment. If you can get enough people to commit to writing weekly, more power to you. But even only monthly is still a fairly significant commitment, IMO, yet much more achievable.

I also like the idea of maybe just having a bunch of people submit whatever they want whenever they want (it would need more structure than what I'm saying sounds like) and then an editor decides when it gets published. I'm also not sure that, if I were to be a contributor, I would want to be restricted to a single category of writing. While I may be mostly interested in writing about tech (for example), I may occasionally want to write about entertainment, or humor, or a Kickstarter I came across, or whatever.


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