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So now that we've moved the entire content of the DonationCoder website to a proper CMS, and moved servers, and are finishing up the move of the dcmembers accounts, perhaps it's time to think about the idea of adding some more useful, regular content to the site.

I'd like to get back to coding and doing some overdue updates for my apps, but I was thinking it might be nice if we could revive the old idea of DC "columnists" who would each write a weekly blog/article about some are of the tech/computer scene.

Ideally I'd like us to come up with 7 areas, one for each day of the week, and find a columnist willing to commit to writing a long-post/short-article each week, posting on a specific day, on their subject.  To be featured prominently on the website.

Here are some specialty areas I was thinking about:

* Security, Windows software, Open source software, Mobile apps, Technology, Kickstarter, Websites, Entertainment, Programming, Humor.
*   Those are just some topic area ideas off the top of my head.
Requirements: Someone dependable who is willing to put in some time every week without exception, and not miss a week.  We could team up people for a given day if they want to split the load.  A real interest in the subject.  We need to find the right person for each area, and you really have to be willing to make a year-long commitment to writing something interesting every week, with some images, etc.   I'm looking for a year-long weekly commitment to the project.

Rewards: Official title, fame, love, and some small guaranteed funding.  [We will have to raise the money to pay for this.. I think what we'd do, if there is some interest in this idea, is have a fundraiser this year to pay for the year's hosting costs and some extra money to pay for this compensation.]  But if we can increase the following we can get donations directly to fund continuing columnists.

So the question is, can we find 7 people who are interested in embarking on this experiment/job?

Since my own site has moved off freeware reviews (or something close to that any way) I can try to commit to this...and to be as regular as required.

Rgdot I think you would make a great weekly columnist and from reading your previous writing you are already well qualified.
What topic area appeals to you the most?  Within reason the specialization you choose is up to you -- it's mostly a matter of wanting to have different columnists with different specialties so that you columnists are easier for people to recognize.
And what day of the week would you like to claim?

Windows software and midweek, let's say Tuesdays

Perfect.  Awesome!

Now we just have to figure out the best/easiest way to let you guys write your column blogs that will get them best exposure and fit in best.


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