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Server having trouble sending email to hotmail and att addresses - Jan 16, 2018

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We have just moved to a new server, and we see that hotmail and att (and maybe some others we haven't found yet), are blocking email from us.
Our new server IP does not appear to be on any blacklists so it may just be they are blocking the server because it's new to them or it is similar to an ip they don't like or they are just being grumpy.
We expect to have it sorted out very soon, but if you try to register an account at the forum or otherwise expect mail from us and don't see, that's why.

I'll post an update here when we see that the emails are going through.

Note that we can still receive mail FROM you, it's just if we send email to your address you won't get it.  So you can still submit comments to us from our Contact page.

Sounds like a reverse PTR record isn't set properly for the mail server hostname that's being used.  Most big-name domains won't even talk to an email server that doesn't have a proper PTR record in place.

Yeah, I've corrected that.  And it seems there was a mis-configuration of the DKIM dns records, which can hurt.  Hopefully all is fixed now.  We shall see.

Att says they have removed the black list, and hotmail says they have as well, so we should be good.

Take a look at website:

It shows you on how many different blacklists this domain is registered on. Use the links from their overview to request being removed from each blacklist (separately, I'm afraid). The free version verifies your domain against 30 or so blacklists. If you pay, that list becomes much longer.

Found that website to be very helpful when problems arose with my own mail server.


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