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Laptop monitor screen to box pc via cables?

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Is there any basic plug-in -non soldering- way to connect my old dead laptop's presumably good screen to my box type Pentium computer? I can think of two basic things -as in 'specialized' cables- it needs; data, and power cables.

You will need some electronics to convert the vga/hdmi/dvi/dp connection to the screen signals, and get some power from somewhere into the screen. Conclusion: Not easy. (never seen such devices either)


That shows you in general what you need to do to turn a laptop LCD screen into a monitor that you can use with a desktop or other laptop. It isn't easy and not cheaper than buying a new one.

actually its not that hard as driver boards are readily available for most displays

You'll need to crack the screen open (ie remove the shell around the display) so you can identify the display type/model, eg I have a display from an old Acer travelmate 3100 - the display is an LG.Phillips LP154W01.  A quick google turns up the relevant hardware (about $40 aust for the driver board, plus an appropriate power supply)

Probably cheaper to go to a computer recycler and get a 2nd hand LCD monitor, (or possibly just the local PC shop and ask if they have any used stuff), than spend the time/money trying to interface a laptop screen.

Or wait for hard rubbish collection when people are throwing them out because the old one doesn't match the new decor or something.


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