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Star Wars Last Jedi movie discussion

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On a side note I see they shot on the Skelligs (wikipedia). I havent been on the islands, but at one stage worked on a contour map of the island, preparing it for publication (basically taking a technical-drawing with lines with no line-weight, making it look good).
Here a photo from the book and screenshot-detail of the map.

Star Wars Last Jedi movie discussion

Star Wars Last Jedi movie discussion

Star Wars Last Jedi movie discussion

Regarding Jenny Nicholson's points:
SpoilerIn general I kind of agree with her and others that the complaints about some of the storytelling "decisions" are overblown or could be easily argued from the other side.  But for me the problem wasn't the storytelling decisions but the emotional tone and execution.  Jenny talks about why the death of snoke was fine and makes the case for the surprising death of someone powerful as good storytelling and gives the example of the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones.  But that Red Wedding scene in Game of Thrones was incredibly powerful and was done so well in terms of people we grew to know and the delivery was built up and delivered in a way that was very emotionally effective.  The death of snoke felt so trivial and un-satisfying.  That was my problem with a scene like that.  It wasn't the storytelling "facts" that I had much of a problem with -- it simply didn't ring true to me and it wasn't satisfying.  It had no weight to it.  And throughout the movie the tone of things like the humor etc just missed for me.  You can put me in the camp of folks who think the humor is being overdone in these movies lately (marvel, etc.).  I like my sci-fi a little more dark and serious.

Perhaps instead of continuing to spoiler in a thread that is meant for Movies seen lately and putting it into a thread meant for that with spoiler warnings, we might have conversation on the subject?  This way seems a bit ... strange.

Fair enough! Splitting star wars thread..

In this era of longer is better, I think the movie suffered from that (and TFA and Rogue One, truth be told).  Star Wars movies, if you look back, have been at that 2 hour mark.  But in most cases in the original trilogy, no matter how long, they earned that run time.  The prequels started this tendency to put things in for inexplicable reasons that could have been cut- or at least cut back.  This one continues that tendency.

As far as the Snoke reveal, we always knew that the true hero/villain of the story were Rey and Kylo Ren.  The Snoke bit was always a misdirection to me.  He had the feel of the Emperor.  The same Emperor that even in the prequels was never truly explained.  What I'm more interested in is the conflict between characters than some huge big bad.  They did a good job of cutting out the fat in that regard.  Though Phasma is the Boba Fett of this trilogy.  I wonder if they'll create a copy of her (clone, relative) to realize the potential of the character, like they did with Jango.

At the end, I found myself excited to see where they're going, and that's my indication of the fact that I'm in the "I like it" camp.  They just need to develop their secondary storylines more, and in a more realistic manner.  Poe, Finn, and Rose seemed shoehorned in to increase the runtime.  I like the characters, but those storylines really were not necessary.  Why wouldn't Holdo tell Poe what the plan is?  She knows he's a hothead, so the best way to disarm him?  Include him.  It seems obvious.  That's lazy writing.  Same thing with the Casino world, and meeting someone that didn't fit the description they'd been given, but can happen to hack the shields.  That's less lazy than bad writing.

I really want to like Finn.  His back story is unique.  But he feels like a Jar Jar to me (that starting bit with him awakening was jarring and unnecessary, and they never overcame that image, even when he was on his suicide run.  I really like Poe.  But he's less like Han Solo as the loose cannon than a real joke, which is sad considering his demonstrated skills.

The primary story... that's a good thing with a few nitpicks.  But the secondary stories... not so much.


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