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online bookmark service to import 100K Linkmans for search on road

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Steven Avery:
online bookmark service to import 100K Linkmans for search on road - low $

Overall, I love Linkman, understanding that it is a Windows program, and a very effective cross-browser (they really do a superb job, I add and modify urls from about five or more different browsers).  Thus it is a continual research tool (often bookmarking many pages from a Google book, each one having its own keywords)  and pseudo-PIM.  And there are over 100K bookmarks in my database, which Linkman handles quickly, or quick enough, on search.

When on the road, say on my iPad, the only online mechanism I am using is remote access, especially Teamviwer or Google Chrome Remote. It works, if I have my PC up, but it is not elegant.

Thus, I would like a cloud access method if possible, to my 100K bookmarks. Allowing a search. Sync is not necessary, but I would like to delete and update occasionally, maybe once a week, or once a month.  The full file is 70 MB, which is relatively modest uploading these days.  And I do not expect any great speed in searching, it would only be occasional search usage.


FYI: Usually I do not use the Dropbox or any sync from one puter to another.  I simply switch by USB, however that does not really affect the question above.  I am always a little gun-shy about sync making my data jambalaya, as used to happen with my Firefox bookmarks. 

Btw, I do consider an older Firefox, or Pale Moon, with Roomy Bookmarks, my auxiliary method for quick finding and loading of the current hot and most important bookmarks.  When I want to keep and quickly find track of my recent posts online, it is easier to do that in the bookmark bar than in Linkman, even if I add the url to Linkman.


It's been a long while since I used Linkman.  It looks like there's a capability to export bookmarks using an HTML template; they provide 5 examples. Perhaps one of those (or a modification of one of those) can get your bookmarks exported to a webpage (website?) and you can drop that on some web server to access from anywhere.

An simple way to get a free webpage is to create a project on github or bitbucket and export the HTML as a Markdown-formatted file.  I think that github at least will also allow simple HTML in the

I'm not sure how well this would scale to 70MB/100K links though.

I think mwb's suggestion is more useful, but here are some other ideas that may or may not work:

* Email the bookmarks to yourself (maybe break it up into smaller chunks and send it over multiple emails). Search your email, click the link.
* Store the file on Google Drive. Does Google Drive have search on iPad? :huh: If so, search it and click the link.

Steven Avery:

Maybe first I will try simply doing the HTML Export, followed by an automated backup to (or another backup spot in the cloud).  Would the github alternative above accomplish more, or is it the same thing?

And placing that url to the .html file in the cloud on my start pages (currently Linoit), which are accessible from any net connection, PC or iPad. Theoretically it should come up in a browser?  And allow a search.

Also possible to try will be the .tsv file and open with Google Sheets.

I was wondering if any of the official bookmark programs could take the 100K (I saw one said 20K), because then I would have their more formatted search.


Would the github alternative above accomplish more, or is it the same thing?
-Steven Avery (January 11, 2018, 04:43 AM)
--- End quote ---

The github suggestion was just a simple way to get something like a single page website for free.


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