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NANY 2018 Release: WHAT (Windows Hotkey Activator Tool)

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NANY 2018 Entry Information
Application Name WHAT (Window Hotkey Activator Tool) Supported OSes Windows 7 (Probably works, but not tested, on Windows XP/Vista/8/10) Web Page Website Download Link Download Author Jody Holmes (Skwire Empire)
Assign hotkeys to activate/focus windows.  This was a recent request by stisev on 2017-12-20; the original thread was here.


NANY 2018 Release: WHAT (Windows Hotkey Activator Tool)
NANY 2018 Release: WHAT (Windows Hotkey Activator Tool)

Download the zip file and extract its contents into a new folder.  Run What.exe to start the application.


* The window matching comprises the following criteria: process name, window title, and window class.  You will almost certainly have to play around a bit with the text to get certain windows to activate and, even then, some may not.  Furthermore, you do not need to use all three criterion for a given hotkey.  Don't be afraid to experiment.
* While the add/edit hotkey dialog is open, all hotkeys are disabled.  They are enabled after you click the save button or close the add/edit hotkey dialog.
* Checkboxes in the main list enable and disable individual hotkeys.
* You can assign the same hotkey to multiple entries and it will activate all the windows in top-down order.  You can easily change the order in the list.
* Check out the Options menu for a few usability options.
* The hotkey selection GUI is such that you can specify just about any combination of keys, mouse buttons, and modifiers.  Go crazy.
Exit the application and delete the folder you unzipped it to.


Looks great! can't wait to hear the response from the person who requested this.

It is great!
Thanks skwire!!

Looks great! can't wait to hear the response from the person who requested this.
-mouser (January 01, 2018, 03:08 AM)
--- End quote ---

That would be me :)
I am going to test this out at work.  I have a feeling Citrix windows are going to be a royal PITA, but this will be very useful. Expect feedback in hopefully less than a week.

PS: mouser-- so I ripped every video from alejandra's youtube channel (  and watched all of them at 2x speed.  I find myself to represent the pinnacle of humankind when it comes to organization so I am a critic.  She definitely is organized and I learned a few minor things here and there, but overall I don't like her system as much.  She organized for sure, but definitely cluttered.  She organizes just to be organized.  I think her system wouldn't work as well in a small apt.  Roughly 70% of the stuff she did I have digitalized in my computer.  Anyways thanks again for the recommendation. Was fun watching her. She seems a little neurotic, but at 2x she sounds batshit insane . haha!


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