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Front /Rear 'printout' alignment on A4 sized card.Portrait and Landscape


HI, (first timer !)

Delighted to find your software. Neat.

However !

I've been trying to print double sided 'Business cards' and I just cannot get the printouts to 'align' properly.. Front and Rear.
I guess it's a problem with the 'margins' not being set right. !!....
I'm using A4 paper/card in portrait mode

I've got the same issue with printing 'Postcard' (4x6") (10x15cm) sized Photo printouts.  Photos on one side, descriptions on the other.
I'm using A4 paper/card in Landscape mode

Any assistance you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.. 'Templates' available..?

Thanks  Stan

Hi Stan.

Hmm that's interesting.. I think your guess about margins sounds like the right guess..
Which template are you using and have you checked to see if your business card stock has a different margin on left and right?
How are you printing on the two sides of the paper?

Hi, Solved it !. Used a piece of graph paper (metric) and worked through changing the margins until I got it to work. Just took patience... Excellent result.  Thanks for responding....



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