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Codesector (Teracopy and others) 50% for New Year!


Codesector the makers of Teracopy have a promotion of 50% for New Year! through January 7, 2018

New Year Sale – 50% Off/

Thanks for the heads up. 

Been using teracopy for years.  Had even gotten mgmt to order it for the SysAdmin's like myself, a few years back, when I was still working.
Love the file move verification and such that teracopy provides. Also the pause and resume features and so on.

I liked it so well in fact that I had bought copies for myself, for each of my computers, when it was offered in the past, on bitsdujour.

And if you buy, check out antekgla's NANY release:

Dualcopy is a helper application for copy/move your files with two of the best copy programs for Windows: Teracopy and Fastcopy.
Dualcopy don't have any funcionality by itself. It is a better interface for this two programs, adding Favorites, Recent Used Folders, and Monitoring other apps like Everything, Total Commander, FreeCommander and other.
His main goal is make easy for you to choose a destination for your files.
-antekgla (October 11, 2017, 10:12 PM)
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And if you buy, check out antekgla's NANY release:

-tomos (January 01, 2018, 06:48 AM)
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Thanks Tomos for the promotion!...
... but if you bought Teracopy my program is not so useful because the paid version of Teracopy has Favorites what is one of the main goal of my helper application.
I think what my program is for anyone (like me) what use Teracopy Free Version!



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