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Holiday Extravaganza Bundle 99% off for next 8 days

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Here is a contact link:

Ask them if there is something wrong on their side or they wanted it that way...

Nice find. At $2 I'm sure there a at least a couple of things making it worth it ;)

Getting 4-5 MB/s at the moment.

Wow, quite some pkg.  Thanks for the heads up. 8)
Though I think I "got a blister" on my mouse-scrolling finger, just getting to the bottom of the offer page  :'(

Glad to see this bundle offers both a single file download (6.53GB) and individual file downloads.
[I bought an ultimatebundles "bundle" one time and the "single file download" option was "not available" for that particular bundle. Took a lot of babysitting, creating subfolders and downloading each file into their correct subfolder before opening]

This $2.00 deal downloaded quite fast. The bundle only took like 8 minutes to download.



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