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NANY 2018 Release: Constant Info

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Application NameConstant InfoVersion 1.57 Short DescriptionA program to display important notices in a workgroup setting or dated reminders in single user mode.Supported OSes Windows 7 and higherWeb Page / More Info Link Same as above System RequirementsWindows OSAuthor Michael Todd
A program to add/update one line reminders or notices of important events in a work group setting.

Each item may contain the following:

1) Item Description
2) Item Priority 0 to 5 (displayed with different colors)
3) Item Date (defaults to today's date and can repeat Monthly, Biweekly and Weekly)
4) Filename or URL Link for the item
5) Extra text or instructions for other users in the work group.

Items may also be filtered once read. If another user makes a file change then items are re-displayed and the user is notified of changes. The items are constantly scrolled in a short 1-line window in a location of your choice. Thus far the program has been reviewed by SoftPedia ( I wasn't quite finished with it when they 'grabbed' it from my blog. I have a handful of other apps on their site.

Any feedback is welcome. I am still working on Advance notifications of dated items so it can be used as a general Reminder program.

[I also added the version that uses SQLite in the Blog page.]

NANY 2018 Release: Constant Info
NANY 2018 Release: Constant Info
NANY 2018 Release: Constant Info
NANY 2018 Release: Constant Info
NANY 2018 Release: Constant Info
NANY 2018 Release: Constant Info

From the description and screenshots, havent tried yet, very much good potential  :Thmbsup:

Will try and report back

The use of ALL CAPS titles and bold in message-boxes is somewhat disturbing/non-standard behavior, but it does have good potential.

The scrolling info is constantly updated but if users are not at their PC I created the notification window so they'll see it when they come back. I made bold just to be more in your face, especially if it's regarding some network resource, application or website that is down and they are responsible for fixing it. Users can click "Suppress Update Notices" from the menu to not have this window displayed. I figured if it's used in a Production area, that popup may interfere with processes already running.

hi mat2016,
looks very comprehensive :up:

is there any way to disable the scrolling of the text?
I'd prefer no scrolling at all (I find it very distracting), but realise some info might not be visible then...


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