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Big News: New DonationCoder Server

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The provisioning of our new official servers is now complete!!!

I will post much more about the process, the company chosen to be our hosting provider, the specs of the new servers, in the next couple of days.
(We will have a fundraiser later this year to pay for it!)

I am extremely excited about the entire process -- the main site upgrade to a proper CMS, the new servers, the new member server setup, etc.
The new server is a huge upgrade over our current one.

We will be migrating to the new servers in the coming week or two.. I will post more details as it is about to happen, but you can expect some hiccups as we change over, and the site may be unreachable for a day or so as the DNS propagation happens.

Stay tuned!!


I'm propagating nameservers to cloudflare in preparation for the server changeover -- let me know if you have any trouble connecting to

Mouser was super excited to have finally made the decision on which hosting company to go for XD



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