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NANY 2018 Release: PlainTasks

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Hi Wraith
I was just wondering if there could be a control for the level of transparency. I sometimes use a fairly busy desktop, and I would love it if this program could be a bit more visible.
-thomthowolf (December 24, 2018, 10:21 AM)
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Sure... I can make that happen.  Give me a few days.  It will also give me impetus to finish my NANY, hopefully :)

 :Thmbsup: See, this is why I always come to donationcoder first when I need software. Thanks for the great program and the quick response

Updated application to have the ability to set the opacity of the task window.  Let me know if you need more opacity levels.  I can make it a bit smoother if you need it.

 :Thmbsup: I just tested it out, and it works a treat. I don't need any further layers of opacity, this works just fine. I do wonder if you should consider uprevving this to signal the new feature to other users.

It's a pretty minor feature (though I know major to you :)), so I just upped the minor build.  I might look to see if there's anything I want to add, and up it to 1.1  :Thmbsup:


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