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NANY 2018 Release: Proofy

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I'm releasing the functional beta of "Proofy", a converted-to-GUI version of my PRT command-line program that assists proofreaders in tracking multiple projects' income, customer communications, progress, words proofed, deadlines, etc. You should download

Requires: .NET client profile to be installed.

Installation: unzip and run executable from extracted folder.

Note: if you screw around with, or lose, any of the images in the /Images/ subfolder, Proofy will grumble and grind. You may therefore want to be sure not to lose the download containing those images.

Doesn't yet have a Help system but I've been using it successfully from project inception to completion for the past several weeks.

Alert to those who've downloaded past distributions: distros 1-8 have been superseded by #9.



That looks interesting.



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