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mozilla asking for donation in new tab page

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I noticed that FireFox is showing a band for donation at lower part of new tab page.

What is interesting is that the height of the band increases every day/week. Has anyone noticed it ?
It looks same like MS Edge popping a window, saying Edge is faster than .., every time I start FireFox.
Forcing user to notice.



I hadn't seen this in Firefox as I have stopped using it.
The Mozilla "nag" for donations would just annoy me now.

I saw that one time - after a fresh installation.

I haven't seen it yet, maybe because I'm on Firefox ESR.

That's like adding insult to injury after shafting the users of the most popular old style add-ons with the "shiny fast" new version.

On that New Tab page is a cogwheel in the upper-right corner, and clicking that reveals the option to disable 'Snippets'. That should 'fix' it. Or at least not show those messages anymore.


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