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Send Keys [Solved]

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I am trying to understand how send keys works and would appreciate any assistance. I figure I would ask for help then waste time trying to figure it out on my own.

What I would like to do is send a shift + tab key combination followed by a copy command 4 times. This would copy 4 pieces of text. Then send Alt + Tab to activate another window and then paste into four input fields using the tab key to advance to the appropriate fields and finally hitting the enter key to send the form.

I think it is possible but the instructions seem confusing to figure this out and a search of the forum does not create any clarity by reviewing prior posts.

It seems that what I would do is create a new formatting present with these send keys but I am lost. I can probably do this easier with Arsclip but wanted to use Clipboard Help & Spell.

It would be nice to have a video on "send keys" and if I figure this out I may just create one myself.

Thank you.

Hi Garfield.
The SendKeys functionality is definitely an area that only a handful of people have ever played with -- and I'm not in that handful  :P
I'd love to hear what you discover and a video would be awesome.  While I can't help much, I can promise that if you find things you can't do I can try to add features to help.
My only advice is to start simple.
The sendkey stuff is from TPushKeys and there is some code to download there if that would help you to see what functions are available.

Thank you for your quick reply. I don't think you understand. I don't even understand where to start adding the code. If you don't understand either then okay but I just need to know where it goes.

Let me explain a little about the idea..

Normally you have a clip in your database that contains text or an image.

The special sendkeys option allows you to create a clip that sends special characters to a target window WHEN IT IS PASTED INTO THAT WINDOW.

So, as per the example in the help file, if your clip text is:

Then when you attempt to paste this clip into a target application (via the quick paste menu for example), then it will try to send the keys to the target application as if you typed 1 then 1 then 1 then 1 then tab etc..

You can also use this {sendkeys} prefix for the quick formatting preset feature.

So if we take your request:
What I would like to do is send a shift + tab key combination followed by a copy command 4 times
--- End quote ---

It would probably be a clip (or a formatting preset) that looked something like:

that should send shift-tab followed by four Ctrl+C (copy) keys.

I'm getting this codes from the sendkeys help page in CHS help file.

The +{TAB} is a bit unusual, youd have to test that to make sure it works.. if that doesnt work you might try +({TAB})

Thank you. I think I understand now. It's not that Clipboard Help and Spell uses them it's that it can send it to other programs. Thank you. I thought your mention of send keys meant that this was a functionality of Clipboard Help and Spell. No wonder there were no examples of it being used in the program to control keyboard shortcuts. My intended use case is probably more suited to a clipboard program with macro like abilities which Arsclip can do.

Thanks again for the clarification.


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