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NANY 2018 Release: Stick A Note (Enhancement)

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After using SaN lightly and evaluating it for a while, I have a few feature requests:

* Note window smaller than the current minimum of 200x200, 50x50 or even less would be nice (I understand you need some space for the edit, settings and X links/buttons, but shortening to a single letter and adding a tooltip would help achieve that)
* Change text size, it's no problem for me if all text is set to that size, rtf-capability would be nice and also handle the next request
* Text color changeable, like change text size, no problem for me if all text is set to that color
* Optional transparent background, so the content behind the note is, at least partially, visible, now it is often blocking important content or UI features (buttons) of websites, and after hiding it I often forget to show it again
* Configurable display-location, so it can be moved to a less-important-content corner
I hope you can realize some of this before next NANY... ;D


Hi Ath,

Thanks for the feedback.

1. 200 x 200 is the reasonable small size I found. Still I will try to give smaller options.
2. rtf or html compatibility is not possible as of now. I will try to give text/font option for whole note.
3. Will try color selection for text, as whole.
4. Will  try for transparent or translucent notes.
5. This is most asked feature, will try it.

Also will try for note move and size via mouse.

Well I said "will try" :)
At present I am in my year end work pressure (31 March is the account closing in India for tax purpose) for my accounting software users.



As a challenge to myself and in order to add the ability to move and size Note windows in addition to coloring and text size, I decided to write my own program. Similar to yours, only one note is displayed at a time related to the active window. I call it Relevant Notes and it stores all data into one INI file in the same directory. I know you are busy with real work so this was an opportunity for me to be creative.
The blog page for the program is Relevant Notes
-mat2016 (February 10, 2018, 12:39 PM)
--- End quote ---
Just thought I should mention that your Relevant Notes.exe app. file is registering as a virus:

* Trojan:Win32/Bitrep.A - SEVERE |Detected with Windows Defender AntivirusNeither Malwarebytes nor WinDefender see it as a threat when they scan the .ZIP file though. WinDefender found it in just the app folder.

However, when the .zip file is sent to , it is detected as a virus (of differing types) by 12 engines - including "Microsoft"!?    :o

(I posted this here as it seemed to be the applicable discussion thread.)


I am not the least surprised by the false positives. I've been putting up with those a lot this year. I'm in the process of doing away with any compiling of my scripts and am currently writing what I call AHK Script Center, which will manage anyone's set of scripts: list them, edit them, run or autorun them, etc. I plan to post up info for that in time for NANY 2019.

I have found exactly three other small interpreted languages that can do a lot of what AutoHotkey does. And they don't register on VirusTotal. They are REBOL, Open Euphoria and Tcl/Tk. All of these languages are over 20 years old but I've not heard much about them as they are not Python, Javascript, etc. LOL.

After spending lots of night researching these languages as possible AHK replacements, I decided it's easier to only post up text scripts along with AutoHotkey.exe for users that don't want to install AutoHotkey.

If you want to play with a demo you can download the Mega Test zip file below. This page has screen shots also of AHK Script Center. I need other users to try this and give me feedback.

Mikeys Mega Script Download




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