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Foreign Language Paste

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...but as soon as you copy another clip it will no longer display many non-English letters accents etc. correctly
-tomos (December 27, 2017, 11:08 AM)
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There's a curious non-problematic minor "bug" in CHS that probably does some of what seems to be required here - but it is transient. I noticed it and reported it to @mouser some time back. I think he may have "fixed" it to some extent - not that it was in the way or really needed a fix though. However, under certain conditions (I can't deliberately replicate them), the bug reappears. It has been manifesting itself quite a lot recently. It seems to be usually preceded by my having done a lot of clips/pastes, and is noticeable just after I have copied the contents of an entry of the COD (Concise Oxford Dictionary) into the Clipboard.
The bug manifests by displaying odd behaviour and the RTF/Unicode in the clip text in the CHS Memo pane - including, for example:

* the colours blue and red used for some words by COD,
* some bold, italic and different fonts/sizes,
* special characters (there are often some of these in each COD entry, as accents and phonetic symbols), and
* the text in the Memo pane itself becomes zoomable with the mouse - e.g., like the image in the Image tab of a Memo pane in CHS is zoomable.
I had said "I would like more of that please!" (OWTTE), but it's apparently not in the design/development plan, and is thus apparently correctly regarded as a "bug" - probably for reasons as described above and elsewhere.    :(

CHS still rules though!   :Thmbsup:   (In my armory of information management tools, at any rate.)

Can you please update the program to support Unicode (foreign languages)?

Is the source code available? Maybe I could look at it.

...Is the source code available? Maybe I could look at it.
-tabletguy (January 09, 2018, 01:31 AM)
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An offer hard to refuse? ...


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