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NANY 2018 Release: BedPlanner

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We have 9 altars here at our house, and I have to schedule any random number of priests to say Mass at them every day.  Sometimes we have only a few priests, sometimes we have 20 (at certain times of the year).
-BGM (January 09, 2018, 10:24 AM)
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I'd like to think this over a bit, but I'm not very familiar with these type of planning/scheduling challenges, so I have a couple of questions about that:

* At what times are these Masses planned?
* All at the same time?
* overlapping?
* sequential?
* Are the priests to say (max) 1 Mass per day?
* or more when not enough priests are available?
BedPlanner takes into account some special attributes of people and beds/rooms, are there any special attributes available/needed in this context?

Ath, so, 9 altars, normally, the priests would all say Mass simultaneously at two times, say, 6:30 and 7:14 - taking about 45 minutes with preparations.  But then there will be later Masses at other times intermittently.  Yes, each priest can only say Mass once; although in some chapels where there a lot of people a priest might say two Masses on the main altar, although this isn't the case at the place where I am stationed.

I've searched for planner type applications to track this before and never really found what I was looking for.  I still haven't abandoned the idea of writing something myself.

Hi Brother ,I am happy to donate NZ$100.00 towards a coder to help  produce an app to suit exactly what you want.
There are some pretty skilled coders Skwire etc  that should implement what you want.


Hi, nogojoe - wow, that is very generous of you!  I wasn't trying to get anyone to get this going for me - really, I was just talking (if it were a javascript-based web-application, I could modify it to suit my needs and the needs of our other chapels, too).  Maybe I should start a new thread though, because now we aren't talking about Ath's nice bedtime application.

I started my own thread here.
Thanks for your interest, y'all.


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