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NANY 2018 Release: morg – another lightweight markup language


full doc & dev (for the moment) only in spanish (translations are welcome)

Application Name    morgVersion            0.20Short Description  another lightweight markup language... with exporter to html & cli viewerRepo Page (es) Info (es) Requirements Go(lang) and GNU/Linux (tested), macos (?), others (?)Author              (me) nasciiboyInstallation        go get (html)        go toHtml my-doc.morgUsage (cli)        go tui    my-doc.morgAn example doc
NANY 2018 Release: morg – another lightweight markup language


--- Code: Text ---..title    > The Title..subtitle > the   >    > my-css-path..options  > fancyCode toc
doc syntax

--- Code: Text ---* header (h1)   simple text paragraph... whit @e(emphasis) and @b(bold) and  @l[#header (h2)<>link] to header h3   another paragraph   and other still in header (h1)   ..img > my-image.(jpg|png|svg)   ..src > c    // this is a C code bloc     printf( "hello wordl\n" );  < src.. ** header (h2)   a simple list   - item 1  - item 2  - item 3   other style of list   1) item 1  2) item 2  3) item 3   and other   a. item 1  b. item 2  c. item 3 *** header (h3)   very very simple table (new syntax coming soon...)   | Headers   | A     | B     | C   |  |===========|=======|=======|=====|  | ueotnh    | t     | t     | t   |  |-----------|-------|-------|-----|  | t         | t     | t     | t   | * another header (h1)   this is the end my friend

Interesting mix of ideas. It looks a bit like a cross between markdown and reStructuredText.

This is somewhat unrelated to this project in particular, but I was checkout it out on GitHub, and I hope you do not mind, but I would like to suggest considering putting a summary of each commit in the first line of your git commit messages. It makes it easier to quickly see what has changed, both on GitHub, but also if you do "git log" from the command line.

Thank you for the comment, I feel that the complete documentation (and ideas) are not in English, but my level is not suitable to translate it without provoke misunderstandings

the format, mostly combines org-mode (that's where the name comes from), a bit of texinfo and the reStructuredText blocks

thanks for the counsel (git), the post is very good! but, so far my projects and their code, are very personal, so my commits are a kind of "musical bitacora" with what I was listening to while developing the code


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