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Why doesn't DC make its own browser?

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Who knows, perhaps one of these alternatives could make it big someday.

Just what the world needs.. another browser  :-\

All these alternatives were born due to frustration and requirement. But require sustained time and energy to keep development as the environment and requirements grow.

Running only on donations does not help much and keeping the enthusiasts developers together becomes problem as day passes by.
Mozilla is now asking for donations to continue. Linux is faltering.

So most turn out to be hobby projects not lasting more than few years.



could we not come up with a viable alternative to present browsers?
-dantheman (December 25, 2017, 02:32 PM)
--- End quote ---
Please explain what would be a viable use-case for anyone to switch to that browser?
What unique features should it have to make it stand out from the crowd?
What's not good enough in the current browsers to even consider starting to develop a new branch?
How do you want to motivate and organize the devs here? (I won't be joining, as I and most other coders here have payed daytime jobs and a life)
And what should it be based on? even that will cause serious discussions, and all questions I've put here will start similar quests.

My vote: minus 100, plus all negative reasons posted above. (resulting in a minus 150 on my scoreboard so far)

Some advise: If you want to have a browser with your wishlist of features, find the closest and support its development the best way you can, submitting your time and feature-&change requests as you go.

Sometimes we just don't realize the amplitude of some requests we make...  :(
Maybe it was a bit of disgruntle with regards to Firefox moves as of the last few years that have surfaced at initiating this thread.

With regards to Mozilla: (correct me if i'm wrong) you have the Foundation (not for profit) and the Corporation (multi-million dollar business around $400 if i'm not mistaken).
So, i'm kind of weary as to just how much Mozilla really needs in funding.

Linux distros are plentiful and you wonder why the devs don't merge their efforts to improve on the top 20 ones.
Perhaps it's because there will always be a niche for something better?


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