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Why doesn't DC make its own browser?

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With all the decent coders here (many of whom are doing some good, honest, free-will work) could we not come up with a viable alternative to present browsers?
I'm sure plenty of donations would come in to encourage this kind of venue and who knows just how far the project could go and be of benefit to all.

A 2018 N.A.N.O. project maybe?

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all!



It's not a bad idea, as ideas go, but if experience has taught me anything, it would be that trying to coordinate the coders on DC to work on one big project would be as futile as trying to scoop water from a sieve :')

dantheman:  :-* :P

@Stephen6615 - with so many frustrated Firefox users and little alternatives to go to (Chrome and clones)... perhaps the time has come for something different?

There are some alternatives out there like K-Meleon, Pale Moon etc. Problem is that they are lacking devs.


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