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Official New DC Members Pages Thread

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It seems the best choice as it's the most popular/used. Adding another if this one doesn't suffice shouldn't be that much of an issue? As they aren't backward compatible in any way, why worry?

My strategy for resisting installing plugins is:

* Don't install lots of junk
* Each plugin is one more thing to worry about maintaining, security patches, etc.
* Don't install a plugin that isn't very well regarded/trusted, and/or can be verified by me looking at code to be safe and unlikely to be exploited
* Don't install multiple plugins that do the same job just for the fun of giving people lots of choices
* Keep bloat to a minium
* Prefer simple over complex
* Prefer plugins that are actively maintained and updated
* Prefer open source over proprietary; but am willing to purchase plugins as last resort
But given that baseline of resistance, if there is a plugin members need, I will install it.  A table plugin seems reasonable, I'd just like to try to pick the right one.
TablePress looks pretty good so I'm leaning towards it.

TablePress plugin is now installed. Have at it!

Note:  The TablePress plugin is more useful for heavy duty tables where you may want to edit it more flexibly, or provide searching and sorting functionality.

If you just want a simple table, I have also installed the TinyMCE advanced plugin which provides some simple insert and visual editing of tables, as well as shortcodes ultimate which can do something similar.

The password protection has been removed from so everyone can access it now.
Hopefully this will light a fire under the members who have pages there to get them updated!

I'm really happy with the new members system.. If for example you look at skrommels page on the new member server, I think it is much improved.
However we could use some alternative but suitable wordpress "themes" to let the members express their personalities better.  I've tried a bunch but didn't find many that fit well.  If we have people who are interested it might be nice to see people take the theme we are using (a slightly modified version of Themelia) and try some customization (beyond the color customizations offered built into the theme).

Looks great mouser
just looked as Skrommels pages so far -- the listing and individual pages are really nice :up:
FWIW, the home page is a bit barren** -- I initially wasnt sure what to click on in order to get info about the software (=>downloads)

** maybe the homepage is meant to be a blog type page?


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