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IDEA: Need a tool to hotkey mouse or keyboard to focus a window

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There have been requests from all over web, but I could not find one decent tool to do this. (Closest was MLHotKey but dev stopped in 2008 and it reverts @ startup).  We need a small, lightweight and portable tool to do this!
Here's a description from reddit:

The requirements:
1. User should be able to assign a hotkey to a specific window.
2. Give us at least 10 entries (windows) to assign hotkeys to.
3. 100% Portable

Let me know if you guys know of any software that does this.  Otherwise, someone has to make this and fulfill netizen's requests :D

I think that's a very nice idea.. It sounds like a perfect app for NANY 2018.

I can easily do this one.

omg skwire, please do! I love your apps! I am still using sPlaylistmaker and splat daily!

I will give FULL feedback anytime!

I use Win+<number> to set focus of the required window.
Obviously I do not run more than 9 programs at a time.




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