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Vegas Pro Edit 15 $25 on Humble

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Humble has a new bundle that includes the Vegas Pro Edit 14 video editor in the $20 tier:


The bundle runs until Christmas day if I did my calendar math right.

I haven't used Vegas Pro because it's expensive and I don't do a lot with video editing, but it seems to have a good reputation.  It used to be owned by Sony but at some point last year it was acquired by Majix.  The SKU that's in the bundle is "Pro Edit" which is the less expensive of the three SKUs.  The other Vega SKUs are "Pro" and "Pro Suite" which appear to add things that are of little interest to me.

Vegas Pro is up to version 15 right now; I'm not sure what changes/features have been added between 14 & 15.  Vegas Pro Edit 15 is on sale for $150 right now on the official site; the normal price is $500 according to that page. (I don't know if this one of those "Oriental Rug" situations where something is perpetually on sale, or if it's an actual deal).

There's also a bunch of other stuff in the various tiers, but I'm only potentially interested in Vegas.

Anyway - if anyone has actual experience with this tool, I'd appreciate comments about whether this $20 deal might be worthwhile for someone like me who has only modest video editing needs. Right now I mostly just clip video snippets now and again.

I've used Vegas in a professional setting, and I did really enjoy it, so for $20 (considering you get everything else, too), it's a fantastic deal indeed!

I've never tried Vegas, but IMO if you're looking for a solid video editor, try HitFilm Express.
Completely free, clean interface, and in my experience it has been fast and rock-solid. I've run the gauntlet of video editors, from consumer-level packages like Pinnacle Studio or Cyberlink PowerDirector to Adobe Premiere. HitFilm does the job for me and does it well.

I used Vegas 11 to edit family videos some years ago (back then it was owned by Sony). For my needs it was overkill, but it was a pleasure to use.

YouTube - "How To Edit With Sony Vegas Pro 14! Magix/Sony Vegas Tutorial -"

He talks a lot, but seems to know what he is doing.


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