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Its hard in this world not to be cynical but you can try


Its hard in this world not to be cynical but you can try.
Try to imagine if the present you wanted most was some warm clothes.

Everyone is fighting a hard battle.

Wow, kudos to the creator of this idea (and the Amazon delivery people...), beautiful gesture.

Homelessness is such a tough subject...on the one hand, handouts generally precipitate the problem. Making it easier to live on the streets = less reason to get a job and life back together.
On the other hand, being homeless probably makes it nearly impossible to get a normal job. So many of them may not even be mentally fit for a job.

The same person/people made this video, also related to homelessness
(which seems relevant to some of your thoughts there wysiwyg125)

Here's another one from the New York Times that might tug at your heartstrings.

Maybe we need a thread for heartwarming videos. :-*


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