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Any way to make CHS hotkeys like ClipJump?


Mouser & all - I really love your work.  I'm an avid user of FARR - - couldn't do without it.  So powerful. 

I've been using ClipJump instead of CHS for some time, because I love 2 features from it, but routinely get frustrated with some quirks it has (does not work in Excel, some of the hotkeys just don't work, etc.).   I'm wondering if CHS can be configured to do the features I love.

Feature 1:  I love moving to the next clip on the stack just by pressing the paste mode key again, without lifting my finger off the control key.
Feature 2:  I love moving through the the text formatting presets by pressing the x key with the control key down.

Any ideas on how to configure hotkeys or use a simple AHK script to mimic these actions?  May not be worth it though...

Hi asrjcb.
Let me make sure I understand what you are asking first.

1. Regarding clip stack:  You are saying that you can use the clip stack in CHS and it works how you need, it's just that you want the hotkey for popping a clip from the stack to work somewhat differently -- can you explain how it works now compared to how you want it to work?

2. Text formatting presets -- can you elaborate on what you want to be able to do, and in what context? There are a couple of places that CHS uses the text formatting presets and I'm not sure which area we are talking about.

Sorry if I was unclear Mouser.  I'm honored to get a response from you.

The idea with both of the features is that you don't have to move your fingers off (or far off) of the normal windows paste keys to perform actions.

Feature 1:
Press Ctrl + V and then release V to enter Paste Mode.  This will past your 1st clip if you release Ctrl + V like the normal clipboard but if you hold down the Ctrl + repeatedly press V, you move through your clips in the order they are in the stack.  This would be equivalent to pressing 1, 2, 3, etc. in CHS, but you just press V repeatedly to advance.  Then you can tap the C key while holding Ctrl to move backwards through the clip stack.

Feature 2:
Paste formats (UPPERCASE, SentenceCase, etc.) are also activated in Paste Mode, but by using the Z key as a cycler for the various formats available.  When you reach to the format of your choice, release Ctrl to paste. The clip will be pasted in the selected format.

I'll include the help site for ClipJump just in case this doesn't do it again as I don't want to waste your time.


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