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Firefox - PaleMoon - extension puzzle -RoomyBookmarks-Linkman-TabMixPlus-Lazarus


Steven Avery:
Now using  Firefox 52.5 esr (or maybe 56, but it might have lost some) in order to keep extension functionality.
Also concurrently using PaleMoon.

More or less, they both work fine with my Linkman and TabMix Plus and RoomyBookmarks and Lazarus

Who else does anything like "RoomyBookmarks" ? Is that feature only on Firefox and Firefox compatible browsers like PaleMoon?
Yes, I know about and use OneTab but is not the same.



Linkman - essential for major use of any browser, well integrated into many

Roomy Bookmarks - a nice plus but not needed on all browsers as I can always go back to Firefox 

Onetab - Clearing out tabs but keeping them nearby - best for quick closing, whether you go back to them or now

TabMixPlus - multi-row in one window browsing - close to essential for major use

Lazarus - a nice plus, but not essential


What other browser can give the features of multi-row browsing? 

Or do you have a preferred second-best way?

And .. what browsers can handle many of these features one way or another.


Steven Avery:
On the multi-row bookmarks on Firefox see:

How to get Multirow bookmarks back in Firefox 57 and newer

Any replacement for Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar? I like having a full row of icons with no text in my bookmark toolbar so I can fit 40 bookmarks instead of 12

However, Multi-row bookmarks without Linkman, and without TabMixPlus for multi-row tabs would not help me much anyway.

Linkman - essential for major use of any browser, well integrated into many

Steven Avery:
After some more use, I placed OneTab up there as very needful, and so far this works good.

One Tab on PaleMoon

So I have most everything working on:

Firefox 52.5esr and Palemoon 27.6

and use Chrome especially for auxiliary needs, trying to get those features in as in this discussion

better visibility for Chrome extensions - text on bar or special page!topic/chrome/SvjTzkqnfH0;context-place=mydiscussions

Other browsers so far are secondary, Edge was great for awhile with PDFs, however I think it crashed.
I like PDFs at least to be available in a browser for the ease of Linkman bookmark.


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