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NANY 2018 Release: BaseImage

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Thanks for trying it out!  For webpages, bear in mind that the encoded image is *very* long.  It increases the page size but you don't have to load an external file.  The best use of this, I think, is for using html email signatures.

For webpages, bear in mind that the encoded image is *very* long.-BGM (December 31, 2017, 06:22 PM)
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Yep.  I am fully aware of base64 encoding (email attachments, etc.) but never realised that they could be used in a webpage like that.  =]  Quite slick.

The main advantage is probably one less request, resulting in resource optimization.  :)

For an example of this out in the wild: The Lastpass extension uses a Base64-encoded image to inject their little asterisk symbol (or whatever their logo is these days) into form fields for their autofill stuff. :Thmbsup:

Another place it is used - is by the Firefox Custom Buttons extension for the button icons - when you select an image for the icon, it base64 encodes it so it doesn't have to refer to a file location.


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