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Just tried using a 4k monitor in my setup, did not like it

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27 inch with most resolutions would be the limit so close to my eyes, I dare say even 24 is too big for that close.

A few years ago I had an experience similar to mouser's.

See this thread (both pages) for full details:

The short of it is that I had a 39" 4K monitor and I loved the space but hated how tiny everything was, especially text. Some older games really didn't like the extra space (or didn't support it) and having a multi-monitor setup meant changing (lowering) my resolution for those older games was out of the question because it moved all my windows and icons around. Ultimately I came to the same conclusion as mouser: You need to set the text/UI scale to 200% but then you're back at 1080p again, so what's the point? I returned it. Then I got myself a 27" 1440p monitor and have been loving it ever since. I agree with mouser that it hits the sweet spot.

Though, I've wondered in the interim if maybe the text/UI scaling has improved in Windows 10. My previous attempt was on Windows 7, which didn't handle high DPI/resolutions very well. So my question for mouser is which version of Windows did you test that 4K monitor on?

And for a counterpoint: I know someone who has a dual-monitor 4K setup at work and he says he loves it and has plans (or hopes) to get a similar setup at home. Maybe when/if he does, I'll go check out his setup and see if I can be convinced of trying it again. But for now I'm still skeptical.

You need to set the text/UI scale to 200% but then you're back at 1080p again, so what's the point?
-Deozaan (December 11, 2017, 11:17 PM)
--- End quote ---
You're just changing the text size, and not the resolution:
so the point is still the higher resolution / definition, better quality visuals.

Edit// I presume you understand that, and are just saying you don't need the higher resolution (?)

I'm back to a 2560x1440 27" monitor as my center monitor and it feels so much better  :Thmbsup:

I'm thinking about trying it... just found an awesome deal.

Samsung 28" 4K Ultra HD Monitor for 269.99$ through Costco.  I've been looking to switch to a single monitor setup with a secondary one just to use while I'm gaming.  At that price, it's very tempting, though I'd really wanted to go for a 32" or 34" WQHD monitor.  If I pull the trigger, I'll update this thread.


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