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Windows Explorer crashing

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Thanks Shades, as a first step I will try the ntdll hash and copy and see, second step find a 'good' copy and then will deal with the drive itself if all else fails.

Will report back.

What @Shades writes about possible disk sector read timeouts due to a damaged disk sector, or something, is interesting. It does seem as though there could be some obscure suspended read "waits" going on in this case. It would be interesting to see what HDSentinel reports - if anything - on that disk, after the explorer hangs/crashes. HDS can perform real-time disk performance monitoring and would, I presume, report accordingly.

But - just a thought - is it necessary to check the integrity of ntdll.dll, or whatever, in the manner suggested?
I mean, won't the commands:

* sfc /scannow
* Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth- already have checked/rectified the integrity of the System files?
(I had read somewhere that that is part of what they did.)

Please note that I corrected a mistuk in my penultimate post above:
EDIT: see terminating restarting, above.

Good points IainB. Sfc again no errors a few hours ago.

In any case copy/rename didn't make a difference (had to change system32 properties, owner from TrustedInstaller to Administrator to be able to rename), but there may be others in system32 that are throwing errors not just ntdll.dll so the issue is likely bigger than just one dll.

EDIT: I am going to run a hard disk tool tonight

EDIT: I am going to run a hard disk tool tonight
-rgdot (December 11, 2017, 07:20 PM)
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