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Windows Explorer crashing

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Will try that, thanks.
-rgdot (December 13, 2017, 04:32 PM)
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There are forums for Vista, W7, and W8 by the same people who do the Ten forums and the tutorial searches interlink.  The actual tutorial may be on one of the older forums since this is a long time Explorer quirk.  I tried to search but I am hamstrung without a Windows PC.  I like Android but some stuff I have not adapted to yet.  :D

I used Nirsoft's ShellEXView to disable some context menu entries, handlers, no change.

Following up on a seemingly, no explanation given, random post on a Microsoft support thread I disabled the following (see screenshot) and it *seems* to have fixed it, will have to use the pc more to be sure of course. Still I can't explain it because from anti-malware to sfc, chkdsk, registry checks like CCLeaner, repair tools, hard drive scan, etc I didn't see a single error. So how the recent apps setting is creating a problem I have no idea.

Windows Explorer crashing

Thanks all, hoping it is truly fixed

Thanks for sharing (what we hope will be) the solution. Good luck!

Looks like that was it, windows explorer hasn't crashed in days. As for why, I haven't done any further looking or reading, not yet at least.

Ahhh. That's interesting. I recall having seen that advice to switch that (Show recently opened items in Jump lists) OFF before, in some other context - I forget what - and had checked to ensure that it was OFF (it was).
I think that has to be some kind of a Win10 OS bug.


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