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How can I blank out my laptop camera?

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The only video interview I passed, was one that was a genuine technical issue and my camera blanked out and didn't properly record image.
The company told me that 'there was an issue with your camera but that's fine you passed that stage'

yeah, those HUGE BREAST IMPLANTS are sure to do the trick...
-Target (December 10, 2017, 03:15 PM)
--- End quote ---
That's very perceptive of you. Many people probably might not initially appreciate the importance and effectiveness of those implants. The implants could arguably be vastly more effective than merely cleaning one's face and putting some makeup on, in any event. Putting bigger headlamps on a car always cuts deeper into the gloom and makes the vehicle more visible, but a paint-job? Nah, not so much. Rabbits are also more easily transfixed by bigger headlamps.

Not every country operates under the same rules, regulations or even considerations. Now I can imagine that a video interview is done to see how the person to be interviewed presents him- or herself to the outer world. But also to have a look at the demeanor of that person when in conversation and being questioned. Without knowing the function of this interview it is kinda hard to say whether a video interview is necessary or even desirable.

Some of the advice from "melanie" isn't bad. Investing in your outside appearance can certainly be a good thing for a function where such a thing is appreciated. Mainly because when you have done so, it will bring more confidence to the table. In my (limited) experience with person-to-person interviews it really is a good thing if you can present a workable solution, which you are confident in completing, to a question on how you would solve a problem the interviewer throws at you. When you can do so, you don't need to be the best looking person, but you must be presentable and show effort if you are in contact with customers.

"Big headlights", even for someone like me in a family where females have a (natural) cup size that starts with G, I don't get why it remains very hard not to look. Problems with practicality, health (back pains) and paying huge sums for proper support, that is what I remember from childhood. While not based on first hand experience, my head knows that such "headlights" are no blessing at all. So the suggestion to get "plastic" versions of those...yeah, that doesn't resonate at all with me.

** Edit ** added last paragraph.

What's the matter with all of you?

Never heard of glove puppets?

TBH, sounds more like a personal introduction on a dating site rather than an actual interview.

In which case huge breast implants could be beneficial.

@cranio: Good idea, that way you can have both interviewer and interviewee on cam at once.


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