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Can you hear this silent GIF?

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Look at this GIF. There’s no sound, but most people who see it hear a “thudding” in their head each time the bouncing structure hits the ground. Why?
This illusion is an example of synesthesia, or when the senses — like hearing and sight — get crossed in the brain, he explained in an email to The Verge.

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from CodeProject News


A more important question is: Can you hear it if you're deaf?

Nope also.  I saw the tower fall and the visual cues- but not aurally.

I didnt hear it either -- but did somehow sense the thump, like I were standing there and could feel the movement in my body.

Carol Haynes:
Yes  :tellme: :tellme:

Oddly I could still hear it when I closed the page - does this make me weird?


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