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Mini Clip Mon

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Application Name Mini Clip Mon Short Description A simple clipboard monitor Supported OS Compiled on Windows 10 but should work on XP and higher Web Page System Requirements
* WindowsVersion History
* 1.0: First public release
* 1.1: Fixed decimal bug
* 1.2: Added search, and now indicates if an IMAGE or FILE is in the clipboard
* 1.3: Updated minimum vertical resizeAuthor Chris Gingerich [VDSFreak] -
This is an app based on the app from this thread -

I liked it a lot and wanted to make my own with a few extra features. Please let me know if there are any issues or suggestions.

The most current version download is here -

At the moment, iCloud is giving an error on the download. (It was my script blocker kicking in, sorry) You'd IMHO be better off attaching the zip to the post (and downloads are counted for you).

One, smallish, issue: When resizing the window, only the outer frame is resized, not the notepad inside it. I'd like to make it a little smaller by default.

@ath Are you able to do a video so I can see? The inside should resize after you let up of the left mouse button. It does not dynamically resize with the outside, but will fill in once the resize is finished. See the video below.

Well, on my work-PC it does resize as stated, but last night, at my home-PC, it didn't (both Windows 10 FCE). I'll re-download and retry at home tonight. Thanks.


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