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The great and glorious notetaking software thread seems to have petered out in early 2014 after years of active comment.
Is it because there's no interest in this category any more (a lot of programs/vendors have certainly vanished)?
Or that everyone has ended up on a few dominant programs (OneNote, Evernote ...)?
Or has the fundamental structure been repackaged into more specialist use (Scrivener)? Towards the end many vendors seemed to be frantically chasing a redefinition as personal information databases.

My preferences haven't changed much, and I still use notetaking software. The big thing that has changed for me is the absolute requirement for multiplatform use. My favourite programs never provided that, so I no longer use them. So almost purely OneNote, Evernote, Simplenote and Keep now. And Simplenote is fading out as I use OneNote more.

Can you unpack that last bit?  I'm assuming that it is shorthand for software (OneNote = One?)  But I didn't think that OneNote was cross-platform, unless you mean a limited version of cross platform.  And Simple- I equated it to Simplenote, but that may be wrong.

My local WordPress install acting as a notes database, using Keep and Pimlical for online and sync. Still interested and do check out new and updated ones but cant afford (I guess both time wise and money wise) to move things around if something else/better comes around. Have some old notes in TreeProjects as well

I've been incorporating analog methods more and more into my notetaking- Currently I use a Word notebook for taking notes on the go for small notes, and a Rhodia Webnotebook for larger things.  Then, I use OfficeLens to get it out of the analog world.  I want to use Evernote for this, but up until now, the scanning feature hasn't been very good.  But it seems to have improved, so I'll have to try again.  I've also tried something more direct with Livescribe, but that just hasn't worked for me so far- mostly I think because of the pen limitation.  For more one off notes, I use Notation (Windows) and Notational Acceleration (Android) to sync with SimpleNote.

I still mostly use Surfulater - I haven't tried the new online variant, Clibu, that Nev has come up with.  I have only loosely followed the development off and on. I know that there has been some commitment to allowing offline and/or self-hosted data, but I'm honestly not sure how far along that is.

Surfulater still works pretty well for my needs, but I really want it to be able to sync with remote databases so I can have my data at home and at work.  I think there might be workarounds using things like Dropbox, but I'm honestly not sure how well (and safely) that works.

I have been trying to put my newer notes into plain old Markdown formatted text files in a directory hierarchy and use github/bitbucket along with a git repository to handle syncing data between work and home.  I can use whatever grep-like tool to search.  This works, but it's as klunky as it sounds.  And, of course, it doesn't have any kind of web clipping other than what copy/paste to a text file will get you (ie: not much).  It has the major pluses of being 100% portable between Linux and Windows, the data is super easy to share, and it's completely free from obsolescence unless ASCII is ever not supported by computers.  Even if github goes down, I can switch over to whatever remote repository support git provides.

But it's not very pretty or integrated.  At all.  Fundamentally it's just a bunch of text tiles.


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