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Pasted images too large with new laptop

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Mr. Bill:
I did change the DPI setting as mentions earlier in this thread. No help at all. The problem seems to be with a higher resolution screen. I started to have this problem when I hooked up my 55" Samsung to it. I checked other programs such as Pick Pick and Microsoft OneNote screen clipper and both programs paste the image just fine. I have been resizing the image to make it paste at a closer size. I thank you for your response. I wasnt expecting one so soon. O, the format is PNG, and I have installed the latest SC.

Mr. Bill:
Sorry for the lack of info. This is on my desktop HP. I have changed my video card and the screen display.
1) Video card is a AMD Radeon R7 200 series. I have tried different drivers. Currently running the 17......
2) The new monitor is a New 55" Samsung 6 series MU 6290 TV. Screen Resolution is 3840 X 2160
These are the only 2 items I have changed other than moving to a new apt.


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