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Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2017

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Please note, that is $80 per year.
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It's actually worse, right? It's $80 for the first year, and back up to more expensive every year after that.
-mouser (November 25, 2017, 07:52 AM)
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It doesn't say anything about that anywhere in the checkout (admittedly I didn't purchase), so I'd guess it's a special rate of $80/year.

IDM All access is definitely an annual subscription.  I thought the regular price for it right now is $80 for a year, so I'd assume that the Cyber Monday deal is for 25% off of that (so $60 for a year).

I also assume (but don't know for sure):

  - your renewal rate would be at the then going "All Access" rate (so $80 unless they increase it)
  - that the software will stop working if the all access is not renewed

Personally, subscribe-to-keep-working software is not something for me.

When JetBrains switched to a subscription model for their IDEs they got a huge customer backlash that resulted in a decent compromise:  with each yearly subscription came a perpetual license for the version of the software version from the beginning of the subscription period.  That way the subscription provided some value, but if/when your subscription lapsed you still had use of the software (just not the latest version).

  - that the software will stop working if the all access is not renewed
-mwb1100 (November 25, 2017, 10:20 AM)
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I couldn't find any direct answer to this either, but I liked this bit from their blog post announcing the all access subscription:

"I'm worried what will happen to my stuff if I stop subscribing."

You can cancel your subscription anytime, and you won't lose the documents you created. You'll still be able to open your files in a boxed copy of any of our programs or other applicable programs.
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Nice to know your text files will continue to work :P.

Nice to know your text files will continue to work
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CintaNotes is doing 50% off all licenses until December 1st.

Pro comes out to $19.50 for 12 months of upgrades

Lifetime Pro comes out to $59.50

If you already have a license, you can use the coupon for upgrade pricing.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find info on getting upgrade links sent to your email.

Pro upgrade for 12 months comes out to $9.75

Lifetime upgrade is $39.99

Use coupon code CYBERMONDAY2017


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